Sam’s Notes for Assembly on Vegetarianism

Sam’s Notes for Assembly on Vegetarianism

These notes were among Sam’s possessions.  They are included here because so many have said what a profound influence that assembly had on them.

Moral issues

 – This year 20 million people will die of malnutrition. 100 million people could be fed adequately using the land freed if the USA reduced their intake of meat by 10%.

– Environmental. A lot of rainforest is cut down to provide land for livestock.

– Massively inefficient so it is a huge drain on the world’s resources. We have to heat and light factory farms. 33% of USA’s raw materials go to producing livestock.

We grow food to feed animals that could be used to feed the hungry.



1. ‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.’  Albert Einstein

2. ‘If slaughterhouses had glass wall, everyone would be vegetarian.’  Paul McCartney



– 72 million die every year in the UK before they reach the slaughterhouse

– In light for 23 hours a day

– Egg laying chickens – 5 to a microwave-size cage

– Peck each other whilst laying eggs unless they have their beak trimmed. Hot blade removes part of the beak.


– More intelligent than dogs

– 90% of piglets are factory farmed

– Sows are bred to be impregnated all year round, often in pens just two feet wide

Tackling arguments

– It’s healthy (provided you compensate), veggies live longer – even David Stroud of the American Meat Institute agrees

– Tradition doesn’t mean it’s right. Bear-baiting.

– Fat and Protein are virtually the only things found in meat and there are plenty of other sources of protein

– Doesn’t make you fit and strong. Very fatty, veggies have a much lower rate of cancer (can be up to 4x more likely to catch certain forms) and heart disease

– Natural selection would allow animals to survive after farming.

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