Memorial Match 2018

So many people to thank for making this event happen – too many to mention here. We raised £2,300 for Pathshala student bursaries while enjoying cricket, great food and music. It was so special being able to welcome the oldest and newest members of our extended Sam/Pathshala Fund family. Especially fitting to have Jack Finch’s baby Willow adding a touch of serenity, continuity and new hope to this annual gathering.

To end on a quote from one of our bursary students in Dhaka: “to have this scholarship for two years has changed my life completely…but it was all about me until that day a friend of Sam’s visited. I knew about Sam, his story, his passion, his interest, but that day I felt connected, as if I and Sam met somewhere, as artists as friends as messengers. We are all connected, he is helping me even though he is not here anymore. He had less time and I was lucky enough to have my time utilized.”

Homayra is so right – we are all connected and we look forward to confirming that again at a new venue next year.

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